Meet Jeremy

Meet Jeremy Regan – Head Of Coffee & World Barista Judge

Uniquely, BeanGiving's coffee is sourced and managed by our own World Barista Judge - Jeremy Regan.
Jeremy sources the beans, creates our roasts and ensure every cup is perfect.

We've asked Jeremy to share his expertise: 


Jeremy Regan, Head of Coffee


Every day is different but it involves tasting a lot of coffee and talking a lot about coffee! I regularly travel to the coffee growing regions to ensure we are getting the best green beans, then make sure they are blended and roasted to get all the flavours we want – basically I’m responsible for making sure that every cup of BeanGiving coffee is up to our award-winning standards.

What credentials do you have for the job?

My main credential is lots of experience cupping different coffees from around the world. I’m also a qualified World Barista Judge and World Latte Art Judge and travel to competitions in Australia and overseas to learn more and judge great coffee. In recent years the coffee industry has developed its own, often pretentious, style - I live in the Southern Highlands so I have a beard but when it comes to coffee I keep it straight without all the fluff.

How did your passion for coffee begin?

My passion started when I was involved in opening a café back in the 90’s and I realised making a great coffee wasn’t as easy as everyone thought! This started me on a journey of learning as much as I could about the beans, espresso machines and grinders and how to train baristas. That knowledge quest has taken me all around the world from cafés to coffee farms to espresso machine factories and roast facilities!

Tell us about blends?

When creating a blend, you start by asking what the customer wants – what is the modern Australian palate looking for in a coffee? It needs to be well-balanced and as smooth as an espresso, but still have enough body to be a great milk coffee as well. Selecting the beans and origins for a blend takes some time but once you get it right, its very exciting – and it seems our customers like it as well.

What’s your favourite coffee region and why?

At the moment my favourite region is Ethiopia – there are some awesome coffees being produced there, with some producers using different processing methods for the same beans to bring out completely different taste characteristics. Always exciting when your job revolves around tasting and cupping coffees!



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